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A health insurance policy helps you overcome the medical and surgical expenses.

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What is Health Insurance?

A health insurance policy helps you overcome the medical and surgical expenses. It covers the insured persons with several financial benefits in case of any illness. Right from the pre and post hospitalization to the day-care hospitalization, your insurer will bear the expenses for all types of treatment. Today, leading insurers offer cashless facility at their network hospitals to help you avoid paying in cash.

Type of Health Insurance:

Insurers offer a range of health insurance plans to meet everyone’s specific requirements. Following are some popular health insurance plans from the best medical insurance companies in Dubai that you can choose to meet your requirements. These are custom-made for you, no matter whatever the requirements you have.

Individual Health Insurance Plan

Protect your health and financial goal against any unknown risks. Take advantage of our expertise to choose the best plan from the best medical insurance companies .

Family Health Insurance Plans

Get comprehensive health insurance coverage for the entire family within the scope of a single health plan from the top Health insurance companies.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

Exclusively for senior citizen, this insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage for medical treatment of illnesses. from the best medical insurance companies

Group/Employee Health Insurance Plans

This is a convenient way to provide your employees with a health insurance cover at a low price.

Benefits of health Insurance

Custom Health Insurance plans are carefully designed to meet your requirements. Being covered with a cautiously-selected
Best health insurance plan can provide you with many benefits.

Cashless Treatment
Coverage for Pre & Post Hospitalization
Medical Check-Up
Transportation Expenses
No Claim Bonus
Quick Reimbursement Facility
24/7 Support from Dedicated Professionals

How We Can Help You:

We, at LPH Financial Services, the best  Medical Insurance Companies in Dubai, UAE are a trusted financial consultant to help you attain your financial goal through a perfect planning. We can help you choose the best health insurance plan that meets your requirements, and doesn’t burn your pocket. Our services are motivated to help our clients look after their health without worrying about the medical expenses. We are here to make sure that you choose the best health insurance plan as per your budget and requirements.


Life Insurance provides peace-of-mind that financial hardship will be alleviated upon the death of the insured.

The members of your immediate family with insurable interest can take a life insurance policy on your life. Life Insurance Companies cannot provide a stranger to buy an insurance policy on your life. Life Insurance of Dubai allowed your employer or business partner an insurable interest. A Life Insurance policy cannot be taken without his prior knowledge.

No, you are the owner of your policy. So it is not necessary to prove your beneficiaries have an insurable interest. It can be anyone, even a stranger, only named as a beneficiary who wants the insured to be alive and healthy.

Often the insurance is termed as temporary because it lasts for a specific period. The life insurance companies provide the temporary insurance offered only during the life insurance application process. If you die before your final application is approved, the temporary policy pays out to your beneficiaries. The temporary insurance must be renewed when that period ends.

It is a way to protect your beloved one through financial support after your death. A death benefits your beneficiary is term insurance.

Co-pay is a fixed portion of you to pay towards the doctor prescription or treatment expenses, and Coinsurance is the percentage of costs you pay after you’ve met your deductible.

No never. By taking life insurance, you can die with complete peace of mind. Because you die during the term; you know the company will pay your beneficiaries.

The participating policy pays you dividends and enables you as a policyholder to share the insurance company’s profits. The company produces a premium at the end of the year.

An agent may believe term is risky, but only because you could have a hard time buying a policy in the future if your health deteriorates or you cannot afford the higher premiums. Commissions could also be a reason for an agent who discourages term.

Successfully made premium payments to cover the cost of insurance for the rest of your life.

Life Insurance Dubai pays the death benefit, and the beneficiaries can collect it. If there are any loans you have to repay, they will deduct from the death benefits.

The family floater plan is for families, and like an individual plan, it is extended to cover your whole family.

Health issues are common these days. And the medical treatments are costly, and so the individuals are draining for financial aids. But if you have any health insurance, it can be helped you to an extend. You can take your health insurance even through insurance brokers. Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical expenses that arise due to an ailment. These expenses could be related to hospitalization costs, cost of medicines or doctor consultation fees.

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